Project Description

Composite compressor set bxh 6-157 + 2CSL-6K-40S


  • semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors in a compound system

  • redundant design HD valve Danfoss

  • redundant design flash gas valve

  • Plate exchanger gas cooler exit against flash gas

  • Medium pressure tank 450 litres capacity with tube coil for standstill cooling with condensing unit R290

  • Suction gas heat exchanger TK against liquid

  • Transitions to K65

  • Oil management via common oil separator and collector system with oil level regulators

Technical data

Cooling capacity Compr. NK 336, 0 kW / TK 30,2 kW
el. power consumption NK 201,8 kW (transcritical mode) / TK 3,9 kW
Performance conditions NK to/tg= -8/38°C, HD 93,7 bar, MD 38 bar / TK -25/-8°C
Refrigerant R744
Length 5460 mm
Width 1340 mm
Weight 3800 kg