Refrigeration for Professionals

With more than 30 years of experience in providing reliable and durable refrigeration solutions “Made in Germany”, compact Kältetechnik has made a name for itself in various application areas such as food refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, and industrial refrigeration.

Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on individual special solutions and our tried-and-tested standard solutions. Find out more about the wide range of applications for our products in the industry. Select your area of application and discover how our refrigeration solutions can meet your requirements.

Food Refrigeration

We protect the quality and freshness of your food with leading refrigeration technology – from production to storage. Our refrigeration systems, whether standard or customised, guarantee a continuous cold chain with maximum efficiency. Discover our innovative systems and find the perfect solution for your needs with our advice.

Food cooling

Supermarket Refrigeration

Supermarket success depends on first-class refrigeration. We offer seamless normal and deep-freezing and ensure an optimum shopping climate. Because with our sustainable CO2 refrigeration systems, you protect the environment and reduce operating costs. Discover the ideal refrigeration solution for your store with our advice.

Commercial Cooling

Reliable cooling is crucial for commercial units to maintain high quality standards. Our cooling systems offer end-to-end efficiency and reduce costs while increasing productivity. Discover our range of cooling solutions through to complex air conditioning systems. As a standard solution or customised to your needs to develop the optimal strategy for your business.


Industrial Cooling

There is a wide range of applications in industry, from the production of medicines to the storage of goods in cold stores and freezers. Thanks to our experience, we can offer flexible, manufacturer-independent solutions for every requirement – from a few watts to megawatts. Find out more about our customised or standardised cooling solutions.