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compact Kältetechnik GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of energy-efficient, sustainable refrigeration machines.

Founded in 1992, compact Kälettechnik develops and manufactures customized refrigeration units for almost all applications – with all common synthetic refrigerants as well as the natural refrigerants CO2, NH3, Propane, etc. Our machines are used in food retail, food processing, industry, gastronomy, logistics companies and many other branches of industry.

More than 100 team members are currently employed at our three company locations in Dresden, Scharfenstein (DE) and Katowice (PL), and work with passion and dedication for our customers.

Qualitätssicherung bei compact Kältetechnik Dresden


Reference project

CO2 booster with flash gas bypass and parallel integrated climate control system for hypermarket

MT = 121 kW, by to/tg -8°C/38°C
Climate = 86 kW, by to/tg 0/+38 °C
LT = 35 kW, by to/tc -30°C/-8°C

Drip tray mounted in the frame below the compressors
Protection of the 450 l collector with 60 bar
High pressure with 120 bar, suction side 45 or 30 bar
Pre-wiring of all electrical components in the frame

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