The *carbo-Rack series is perfectly suited to the requirements in the retail food segment. By using the environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2 with a GWP of 1, all cooling requirements can be met safely, efficiently and in compliance with all the applicable standards and laws.

*carbo-Rack allows a free combination of compressor racks for LT and MT refrigeration. This allows a high degree of flexibility.

*carbo-Rack works with 3 compressors for LT and up to 4 compressors for MT stage. This increases the operational safety and provides better performance levels. For further efficiency improvement, parallel compressors and *c-Ejector may be utilised.

*carbo-Rack offers a fine gradation of the cooling capacity of deep and normal refrigeration.

*carbo-Rack comes with a frequency inverter on each main compressor for each pressure stage. Sub- and transcritical conditions are mastered safely and efficiently.

Technical data: *carbo-Rack with flash gas bypass

Low temperature bei -30/-5°C, to,h=24K

Medium temperature bei -5/36°C GK, to,h=16K, flash gas bypass

*carbo-Rack 33 *carbo-Rack 34
Low temperature 3 compressors 3 compressors
Cooling capacity Compr. 9 kW – 25 kW 9 kW – 25 kW
Condensing capacity max. 29 kW max. 29 kW
Medium temperature 3 compressors 4 compressors
Cooling capacity Compr. 27 kW – 74 kW 45 kW – 110 kW
Gas cooler capacity max. 128 kW max. 182 kW
Max. Operating current max. 95 A max. 138 A
Liquid Receiver 125 l 150 l
Length 3000 mm 3750 mm
Width 800 mm 1000 mm
Height 2080 mm 2080 mm
Weight max. 2000 kg max. 2250 kg

Technical data: *carbo-Rack with flash gas parallel system

Low temperature bei -38/-8°C

Medium temperature bei -8/38°C GK, tü=16K, flash gas parallel system

*carbo-Rack 342
Low temperature 3 compressors
Cooling capacity Compr. 15 kW – 88 kW
Condensing capacity max. 110 kW
Medium temperature 4 compressors + 2 parallel compressors
Cooling capacity Compr. 40 kW – 163 kW
Gas cooler capacity max. 310 kW
Max. Operating current max. 311 A
Liquid Receiver 125-200 l
Length 4900 mm
Width 1150 mm
Height 2080 mm
Weight max. 3500 kg

As usual, compact Kältetechnik will prepare a special offer for you, customized to your individual performance, temperatures or installation conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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