Industrial solution for warehouses, process cooling, production facilities, cold water systems


*compact ammonia basics saves useful time during on-site installation as a complete solution. Pressure gauge, pressure switch and the entire oil circuit with oil cooler are already part of our machines. Benefit from the industrial production of these compressor units.

*cab uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant NH3. With a GWP of 0, ammonia is the long-term and sustainable solution for your cooling application.

*cab offers solutions as single compressor units or as a parallel system with two open screw compressors.

*cab is equipped with standardised motors, is flexible to use and offers optimum service conditions.

*cab is partly equipped with compressors with optimised slider concept and Vi-adjustment. This allows the power adjustment and maximum efficiency to be achieved at each operating point.

Your individual power requirement can be optimally realised by the free combination of different *cab .

As usual, compact Kältetechnik will prepare a special offer for you, customized to your individual performance, temperatures or installation conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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