Due to the very fast progressing of viral infection (SARS-CoV-2), we have taken various protective measures in addition to the general risk limitation measures. At the moment, nobody at compact Kältetechnik is infected and there are no suspected cases.

Employees with PC work in the home office and can be reached by telephone and e-mail in the usual way. Meetings and interdepartmental coordination take place via modern media such as Microsoft teams, to guarantee a smooth process for our customers.

All other business activities will take place in the usual way.

Employees from production were also divided into small teams to interrupt possible chains of contact.

We have also contacted our suppliers abroad. Here we were signalled that despite some considerable restrictions in public life, the impact on the economy is currently low and there are no shortages. The same applies to our suppliers in Germany. In addition, we have all common articles in sufficient quantities in our warehouse.

You can contact us at any time, receive detailed information on the technical solutions and can order from us. The delivery will be made as usual according to our appointment promise.

In summary, we can say about the current status that no effects on our delivery capacity are to be expected.

You can also use our standard series *c-greyline for a fast and reliable realisation of your projects. Small to medium refrigeration solutions up to 120 kW can be configured and ordered online 24/7. Thanks to our large warehouse with high material availability, delivery is made within approx. 10 working days.
*c-greyline KONFIGURATOR

We follow the dynamic situation with great sensitivity and re-evaluate it daily in the management committee. If any changes arise as a result, we will inform you as soon as poosible.

Kind regards,

The management of compact Kältetechnik GmbH