Small food markets, bakery, butcher, fruit and vegetable shops, organic shops

NEW – Extension of the configurator *c-greyline with the refrigerant R744/CO2

Die *carbo-Line series is perfectly suited to the requirements in small food markets.

*carbo-Line uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2 with a GWP of 1. All cooling requirements can be met safely, efficiently and in compliance with all the applicable standards and laws.

*carbo-Line saves a lot of space.

*carbo-Line is a complete plug-and-play system incl. controll system and accessories as required.

*carbo-Line configurator:  Soon configurable in the browser and on mobile devices.

Technical details

Low temperature 1 Verdichter
Cooling capacity Compr. 2 kW – 10 kW
Condensing capacity Max. 13 kW
Medium temperature 2 compressors
Cooling capacity Compr. 12 kW – 42 kW
Gas cooler capacity Max. 66 kW
Max. operating current Max. 53 A
Liquid Receiver 60 l
Length 1300 mm
Width 800 mm
Height 2000 mm
Weight Max. 900 kg


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