Top quality is ensured by all compact products with high-quality components, well thought-out design and careful workmanship. The manufacturer-independent versatile orientation enables us to supply you with machines from a few watts cooling capacity up to the megawatt range.

For us, environmental friendliness has long been one of the fixed criteria in the selection of suitable plant technology. The proven compact chillers operate in subcritical and transcritical CO2 applications, in the ammonia sector and in the flammable refrigerant sector.

food refrigeration

Standard-Solutions refrigeration technology

Butchery, bakery, fruit and vegetable shop, fish, food production, …

machines for food refrigeration

commercial refrigeration

Standard-Solutions refrigeration technology

supermarket, brewery, canteens & canteen kitchens, petrol station shops, …

machines for commercial refrigeration


Standard-Solutions refrigeration technology

test rig systems, pharmacy, environmental simulation, laboratory, cold and deep-freeze warehouse, cold water, …

machines for industry

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